Second half of September has been very instensive for all SharOn project partners. We deliberated a lot within our organizations and finaly chose the winner of each country! Now we can present our finalists to you. They will meet on 15th of October, on DemoDay in Warsaw. Finalists will take part in their last PitchContest. Later on they will answer questions from the jury. Based on their performance, jury will choose the winner of the SharOn Academy Acceleration Program.

You that you can support your favourite team during the final event – entering tickets are free of charge, you just have to register here:

From Slovakia:

Carrivederci – the first company introducing car sharing in Bratislava. Their goal is to create a community of people that will share cars with each other on the basis of respect, trust and transparency. They are enthusiastic about the phenomenon of the shared economy, because they are aware of the social responsibility to the rational use of our planet’s resources. Carrivederci would like to raise awareness about car sharing and expand in the region.

From Poland:

Plenti – A platform that allows you to conveniently rent items, with delivery in tens of minutes. Through the application, it is enough to choose the product you are interested in, place an order and wait for the courier who will deliver it to the given address for now in the area of Warsaw. The couriers will also pick up product you’re returining in just several tens of minutes from placing such request. The products include consoles, board games, films or household appliance.

From Estonia:

ShipperWebsite/mobile app for buyer and seller secure goods exchange service. The buyer or seller will come to the webpage/app to fill in the personal data, departure and destination of the goods. Buyer pays the value of the item + shipping cost. The seller puts the goods on the road and both parties can follow the journey of the parcel. The money is kept in the deposit until the buyer has received the goods and confirmed that the goods are in order, the money is released to the seller.

From Bulgaria:

Kazoo – Online b2b platform for networking in music concerts organization. It supports the work of the Musicians and the Music Venues in achieving better financial results by
(1) On time delivery of information about available dates and competing events;
(2) Facilitating the communication process;
(3) Overcoming the geographical barriers for better market access.
Kazoo concept is based on sharing knowledge and data to support better decisions and improve financial results and industry standards to the huge community of organizers (80+% overall worldwide). The platform will be launched in less than 2 months and will be available for the users online by a flat subscription fee.

From Italy:

Very Important Choice – VIC – first online sharing platform to create an ethical alternative to fast fashion shopping. We share sustainable items directly from brands for adults (men & women). Our mission is to educate consumers about the impact of their purchase choices in fashion and to change the way fashion is viewed and consumed to avoid waste.

International Acceleration Programme for the Sharing Economy sector


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