11 projects took part in the PitchContest in Bulgaria. As a result, four teams were invited to the BootCamp happening 15-17 of May. The one with the biggest progress made throughout the Programme will be invited to DemoDay in Warsaw. Meet participants from Bulgaria: 




15toGO is a new company, presenting social travel app that allows users to find like-minded people according to the interests they share. Together, they can book organized trips directly through the app. Users can pay less for their trips by sharing their experiences with others. The company has already released the beta version of their application, which includes both the social functionalities and the marketplace.


Green Charger


Green Charger Network is a unified platform for seamless integration between the different charging station providers which enables their cards and Apps to work on each other’s devices and redirects payments. The main goal is to have interconnected charging infrastructure across Europe where every electric vehicle owner can charge everywhere using unified method regardless of their charging operator subscription. The company has already secured 2 charger operators as customers and they are currently implementing the solution on their systems.




Parknshare offers a platform that connects people who are seeking a parking space with people who own such one. By using this platform, private parking spots will no longer be closed to the general public and people could monetize their underutilized assets which is a main principal in the sharing economy. The company has already launched their mobile platforms and has acquired many registered users and parking spots.




Kazoo is online b2b platform for the professionals – musicians in the first phase, in live events organization to achieve better results by taking better informed decisions while planning their event – availability, expected number of clients, logistics etc. The support is mainly in three directions: Timely delivers information about competing events; Supports the organizers’ communications; Overcomes the geographical barriers in event planning. Kazoo concept is based on sharing knowledge and data to support better decisions and improve financial results and industry standards to the huge community of live events organizers. The platform will be launched in less than 2 months and will be available for the users online by a subscription fee, differentiated by the business scale of the subscriber.

International Acceleration Programme for the Sharing Economy sector


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