As a result of PitchContest in Estonia, four teams were invited to the BootCamp happening 6-7 of June. The one with the biggest progress made throughout the Programme will be invited to DemoDay in Warsaw. Meet participants from Estonia: 




Educational program and work management app for self-employed cleaners. Project idea is to help cleaners to start their own business, it helps them to interact with clients and marketplaces. The app will be connected with different marketplaces and services. We have learned, that the main problem for self-employed cleaners is lack of financial knowledge and professional network, so we already started with building community and educational program for them.



Website/mobile app for buyer and seller secure goods exchange service. The buyer or seller will come to the webpage/app to fill in the personal data, departure and destination of the goods. Buyer pays the value of the item + shipping cost. The seller puts the goods on the road and both parties can follow the journey of the parcel. The money is kept in the deposit until the buyer has received the goods and confirmed that the goods are in order, the money is released to the seller.



SANI is aimed at assisting students to find fairly-priced and accessible housing. The University of Tartu has one dormitory for foreign students, most of which are shared rooms. Many students hope to find housing off-campus. The University is not able to assist each student in their personal search, so we offer a platform that students can use to access listings that assure that the lease is fair to both tenant and landlord, the price is reasonable, and that no discrimination occurs.



Developing a website and app for improving availability of counselling and other services that support reducing the psycho-social risk factors in the working environment (i.e. stress, burn out, panic attacks etc). The target group is youth, working age part of society and mothers of young children. The service will be faster and delivered not dependent on location and time. Compared to other similar websites we will offer a larger variety of services and offered online by gathering different service providers: coaching, experience counselling, therapy, circling, training etc.

International Acceleration Programme for the Sharing Economy sector


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