10 projects took part in the PitchContest in Poland. As a result, six teams were invited to the BootCamp, which will take place from 29th to 31st of May. The one with the biggest progress made throughout the Programme will be invited to DemoDay in Warsaw. Meet participants from Poland: 



Biblioteka ubrań

Botomless virtual wardrobe. It works like a regular library, only instead of books in constant circulation there are different pieces of clothing. It was created with the thought of playing and experimenting with fashion, but not at the expense of restrictions, environment and valuable space in your wardrobe. Thus, it is a balanced alternative to over consumption.



A platform that solves the problem of shortage of space for rent for a short period. You will find various places on it, depending on your needs. Organizing a business conference, meeting travelers, a photo session or a birthday party becomes extremely easy, because in Clapshare you will find space for hours.



An online platform for car rentals. It brings together many rental companies and private renters in one place. At Lendly, you rent sports, luxury, passenger cars, buses, trucks, as well as find clients for your rental or willing, interested in a short-term rental of a private car in a given city.



A platform that allows you to conveniently rent items, with delivery in tens of minutes. Through the application, it is enough to choose the product you are interested in, place an order and wait for the courier who will deliver it to the given address for now in the area of Warsaw. The couriers will also pick up product you’re returining in just several tens of minutes from placing such request. The products include consoles, board games, films or household appliance.



A platform that connects people looking for a parking space with owners who want to share their spots. Are you going to the National Stadium on Saturday for a football match? Skip the crowd and queues by reserving a parking space in advance. Do you have extra space in your driveway or during your stay at work or on vacation you will not use your garage? Place it on Parkspot.pl and start earning money. The mobile application will make your place available in a few minutes, and someone will be able to instantly book it.



A platform that connects professionals with people who need help with repairs at home and around it. A dripping faucet, a broken television? The user selects the date, describes the problem and the specialists send him their offers. The waiting time for the service is minimized and the client is the decision-maker. The aim of Grido is therefore to offer recipients a  first customer-oriented platform, where you can look for a professional, rather than professionals looking for orders.

International Acceleration Programme for the Sharing Economy sector


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