10 shared-economy organizations registered for the PitchContest in Bratislava, Slovakia. After interesting presentations the jury chose 5 projects, which will take part in the BootCamp. The BootCamp will take place at the end of June 2019 and will include top experts in the various business-development fields. Meet the participants from Slovakia:




The first company introducing car sharing in Bratislava. Their goal is to create a community of people that will share cars with each other on the basis of respect, trust and transparency. They are enthusiastic about the phenomenon of the shared economy, because they are aware of the social responsibility to the rational use of our planet’s resources. Carrivederci would like to raise awareness about car sharing and expand in the region.



Bratislava and other cities in Slovakia suffer from massive traffic jams, polluted air and lack of parking possibilities. Cezmesto.sk is preparing ecological alternative transport solution within the city and its surroundings, based on the sharing of electric scooters. You simply book the nearest scooter in the area, start it through the app and after finishing the ride park it safely. This solution saves time, money and environment. The company needs an investment to start pilot project in Bratislava.



The first medium-term accommodation in Central Europe based on the sharing economy. So if you are looking for an apartment for a few months, Flatio is the right choice for you. Flatio makes renting an apartment easy and reliable for renter as well as tenant. It offers 360° virtual tour and photos, virtual contract, easy procedures and reliable verification. Compared to short-term solutions like AirBnb they are cheaper, compared to the regular real estate office customers are spared from endless calls and bureaucracy. The company would like to expand and later globally.



Unique urban project up!city combines elements of mobility, modern technology and relaxation zones in the very heart of Bratislava, famous meeting point Old Market Hall (Stará tržnica). This project offers nine Volkswagen e-up! cars, co called Bratislava-born native. Cars can be used both for personal and business meetings, and even for shopping. At the same time, there are six routes with a built-in navigation system designed mainly for tourists to get know the beauty of Bratislava, while driving this urban car with a fully electric engine. This successful project has ambition to expand to different locations within Bratislava.



Future Proof is an established SME in the field of supporting innovation and useful ideas. They started to develop an application focused on time-sharing called ShareMyTime. The project is in the concept phase, with clear milestones. ShareMyTime is application focused on efficient use of time and education through sharing of skills between professionals in different fields.

International Acceleration Programme for the Sharing Economy sector


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