Tanya Tenevska

Managing Partner

Tanya has seventeen years of experience into digital production. She started her career creating computer animation and motion graphics to finally lead a team of 40 developers, designers, quality assurance engineers and infrastructure support engineers as part of an international company. Along the way she has co-founded two companies in the role Managing Partner, which gave us insight of how to get a company up and running.

Tanya is a “street smart” of the information age. Passionate about the Internet, technology and people, her CV is full of relevant stories – she made a 3D short movie, which was selected and screened on festivals in Serbia, Canada and South Korea, successfully started a small-sized digital agency in Bulgaria, that attracted global brands and companies, held a few relevant public talks (among which a TED Talk on the topic of “Online Identity”), started and organized two editions of a communications technology event. Somewhere along the way she had a business cappuccino with Patrick and got excited about Vox Teneo.

International Acceleration Programme for the Sharing Economy sector


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